5 Practical Things That Every Pregnant Woman Can Do When She Is Idle

Are you going through the intolerant phase of mood swings and vomiting? Crying and unreasonably laughing? Welcome to the penultimate stage of pregnancy! Worry not, as we would try to take your stress away. Just take a deep breath and continue reading.

Hey, there mothers! Excited about your first baby? Must be! Is your baby bump causing difficulty to move? And then there would be days where you wouldn’t be allowed to step out of the house, and that would cause greater pain. Somehow, you have to abide by it.

If observed carefully, this time is crucial for the mothers. Suddenly there is a restriction on everything. And, to top it all, every mother goes through those impending mood swings; one time she is seen crying and the next moment she is super happy about everything.

You ladies, you are going through a tough time. We take that. So let’s make it interesting for you.

Firstly and lastly, you have to chuck out the idleness, since you are out of a job (both professionally and household wise). However, the pain of bearing extra 20 kg of weight might not allow you to work as well; you can try doing something with it, or for it.

How can you do it? Here are some ideas:



Start surfing the net for kids products online India. Trust the method, it works like magic. When you start viewing through the colourful toys and clothes of your unborn, a ray of positivity flows in you. The boredom is shooed away. Pump yourself up with the first step.

Turn on your laptop and start Googling. When the world is almost surviving on the purchases from the online sites, then why should you leave your unborn?

Come on, you are a Gen Y mother, use your sword. The Internet is the answer to everything.



You might just start writing blogs. Push the writer self in you. There are many mothers who write and post their experiences on the online sites for the world to know. You can do it too.

Don’t have to over stress yourself on the writing part, you might also follow and read the posted blogs by the mothers. They share some extremely well-thought ideas to make this and the coming time useful and worthy.



Think and plan your after baby-born parenting. How would manage time? In the initial stage, you might get an extended maternity leave, but gradually, you have to manage both-the child and the work. Plan beforehand.




Ask your friends to come over during the day when you feel lonely and depressed. Ask them to bring foods that you wish to have. At every chance avoid alcohol and the foods that you are not asked to have by the doctor. Apart from that, enjoy your pregnant kitty party at home!



Do yoga and pregnancy exercises to keep yourself positive. There is nothing like it. Do the exercises that have been allocated by the doctor in your regular routine. Moreover, you will feel newness every day as you head with the pregnancy in the further days.

Eat lots of water, curd and foods that you like. Step out of the house for casual walks in the morning. Read good books about parenting and moral development. You will see a better mom in you.

Hail the woman power for bearing us!


7 Common Misconceptions about Online shopping that are Controversial

Hey there all the online shopaholics! With the mobile friendly applications and easy access to them, we know that how much of a habit shopping has become! Did you know Google has marked the par of online shoppers to reach the count of 100 million by 2016?

Yes, you heard it right! “Online sites are helping the shoppers to make more informed choices” is one of the comments of an addicted online consumer. Apart from the joy that one gets at the arrival of their products, the detailed description of the product indeed helps the consumers make the best choice.

After all, if a person gets all that he needs from one source and that too sitting at the comfort of his own house, why will he even think of hopping around the market? Be it online shopping for baby cloths  or buying groceries, you would get it all in this technical world, which has got a solution to every problem in a just a right click of the mouse.

The Online Impact In The Cities:

The advent of online shopping in the country, New Delhi which has taken the lead in online shopping, or Mumbai which is the second leading city, the online industry has marked a steep rise of 117% in their business, as surveyed by the Economic Times.

Startled already? This is the reason why you see so many delivery boys hopping from here to there with their labeled bags.

The Exceptions:

But there are exceptions as well. You will see few people complaining and getting outraged at the influence of the online markets. And, to support them there are few myths that hover in the society.

So, here are the misconceptions that are making the people sit away from the online sites.

#1- “The Product Will Not Be Satisfactory”


This is the very first thing that you will hear from the people who react to online shopping. If you question them, they will tell you numerous reasons without even taking a breath! “The quality and quantity, size, material, everything makes me worry about online shopping” retorts a commoner.

To solve this issue, go by the labels and their brand name and read the description of the product thoroughly. And, even if you have any complains the easy return and exchange policies make the transaction all the more comfortable and easy. They will give you the exact product at the relaxation of your home.

#2- “The Companies Give Out Defective Products in Online Sites”

giphyAnother common saying! Do you really think so? If this was the case, don’t you think the 100 million customers wouldn’t have lodged a complaint by now? Just think about that!

They are all happy and satisfied customers and this is the reason the numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds.

#3- “A Photograph Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story”

giphy-2You must be giggling by now if you are an ardent online shopper, and your father happens to be a strict businessman! Yes, your dad will always be out there to warn you for every bad step that you take (if he thinks so).

He will try and convince you about the incorrect delivery of the products that have the most fanciful photos. Because, he believes that a photograph is not enough to judge a product.

#4- “There Is Nothing but Fancy Clothes and Shoes in the Internet”

giphy -3Who told you that? Search for any kind of baby product, and you are bound to get them if you search for a renowned site. Or, go for the skin care products, or even groceries; everything is available out there. All you need to do is SEARCH.

#5- “Buying Babies’ Clothes Online Before They Are Born Is a Bad Omen”

giphy - 4Hey there all the pregnant women! Please pay a deaf ear to these myths. We understand your incompetence of not going out to shop for your unborn; when this is the only thing you wish to do. New born baby needs to look their best, and online serves the purpose.

#6- “How Would You Know If That Cloth Is Going To Pass Through The Head Of Your Baby?”

giphy - 5How would you judge that even if you are shopping in the super markets? Will you make your baby try all the clothes? At times, you just head out alone, without your baby to shop for it, what would you do then? The situation is similar to this.

And also, any company that deals with baby products online will have an exact measurement that will fit any average baby, so you don’t need to cringe on that note.

#7- “Only Youngsters Are Online Addicted”

giphy -6Well, that myth needs to be checked. In a recent statistics it was shown that 23% of online shoppers fall between the ages of 35 and 44, and 24% of online shoppers are between the ages of 45 to 54. So now you know who shops the most and at what age!

To conclude, all the statistics prove that online transactions are very easy and can be chosen over the hassles of going out in the market and standing in queues to get your desired product.

What do you think?

If you’re wondering about finding a suitable brand that let you buy top quality baby products and cloths, then the following, that presented by Babysjoy could be a help to you. 



Online Shopping For Baby Care Products in India for Time-Poor Parents


Hey, parents! Did anyone tell you that baby care is a 24X7 job?

Yes, you have to keep on monitoring your little one constantly. There’s no missing a wink. From the basic feeding needs to nursing requirements, fun activities to clothing, giggles to cries, – you have to bear the entire responsibilities arduously.

But, how do you do it with the pacing and choking urbanisation happening all around? Aren’t stay-at-home parents a rare specimen these days? So, how do you put up with work pressure and time constraints? The worst nightmare – how do you purchase necessary stuff for your kids without falling prey to the chewy traffic, long queues, and tiring crowd?


Online shopping is the answer!

Yes, things have eased up so much with the advent of baby care products online. Because parents aren’t living under a rock these days, and there has been much technological advancement, these items are now accessible with the click of a button. Shopping behaviour has changed big time.

What sells on the Internet is a big plethora! From diapers to toys, clothes to school supplies, the variety is huge and wonderful. Your choicest brand available without you having to go out and make the purchase from a brick-and-mortar is a pure bliss. What’s more, you can have it delivered at your doorsteps as well.

More benefits! Isn’t the World Wide Web a large platform for discussing things? And, when the talk is about eCommerce, how can we miss out on product reviews? Yes, these speciality platforms also let the buyers review products. That makes them out-and-out trustworthy. You can purchase any item without having to think twice.

The payment modes are diverse. Parents can go for Cash on Delivery, Net banking, EMI and what not! Dare to go with a newborn to a shopping mall? Dare to put up with the fuss? Not a chance. And this is why parents prefer online shopping for kids in India more.


It’s a different level of shopping experience altogether.

Why? Well, here’s why –

  • Who goes on product hunting? Check categories and find your pick.
  • Who doesn’t love a price slash?
  • Easy returns. Don’t like an item? No fretting. Just return it.
  • Let the item come to you rather than you going to it.
  • Some items, we tell you, even malls cannot provide!
  • Sit back and order. Can you do it in a physical store? Guess, no.

It’s the coolest trend.

Did you know that baby care is one of the most researched categories that have an impact on the buyer’s decision to make a purchase? Yes, of the total percentage, this category holds a whopping 69% in the pie chart. There’s more surprise! One in every five e-shoppers in the country chooses products from this category.

Working parents believe that they can juggle their work life better with family when they opt for eCommerce. In short, this is the trend. Where are you?