5 Practical Things That Every Pregnant Woman Can Do When She Is Idle

Are you going through the intolerant phase of mood swings and vomiting? Crying and unreasonably laughing? Welcome to the penultimate stage of pregnancy! Worry not, as we would try to take your stress away. Just take a deep breath and continue reading.

Hey, there mothers! Excited about your first baby? Must be! Is your baby bump causing difficulty to move? And then there would be days where you wouldn’t be allowed to step out of the house, and that would cause greater pain. Somehow, you have to abide by it.

If observed carefully, this time is crucial for the mothers. Suddenly there is a restriction on everything. And, to top it all, every mother goes through those impending mood swings; one time she is seen crying and the next moment she is super happy about everything.

You ladies, you are going through a tough time. We take that. So let’s make it interesting for you.

Firstly and lastly, you have to chuck out the idleness, since you are out of a job (both professionally and household wise). However, the pain of bearing extra 20 kg of weight might not allow you to work as well; you can try doing something with it, or for it.

How can you do it? Here are some ideas:



Start surfing the net for kids products online India. Trust the method, it works like magic. When you start viewing through the colourful toys and clothes of your unborn, a ray of positivity flows in you. The boredom is shooed away. Pump yourself up with the first step.

Turn on your laptop and start Googling. When the world is almost surviving on the purchases from the online sites, then why should you leave your unborn?

Come on, you are a Gen Y mother, use your sword. The Internet is the answer to everything.



You might just start writing blogs. Push the writer self in you. There are many mothers who write and post their experiences on the online sites for the world to know. You can do it too.

Don’t have to over stress yourself on the writing part, you might also follow and read the posted blogs by the mothers. They share some extremely well-thought ideas to make this and the coming time useful and worthy.



Think and plan your after baby-born parenting. How would manage time? In the initial stage, you might get an extended maternity leave, but gradually, you have to manage both-the child and the work. Plan beforehand.




Ask your friends to come over during the day when you feel lonely and depressed. Ask them to bring foods that you wish to have. At every chance avoid alcohol and the foods that you are not asked to have by the doctor. Apart from that, enjoy your pregnant kitty party at home!



Do yoga and pregnancy exercises to keep yourself positive. There is nothing like it. Do the exercises that have been allocated by the doctor in your regular routine. Moreover, you will feel newness every day as you head with the pregnancy in the further days.

Eat lots of water, curd and foods that you like. Step out of the house for casual walks in the morning. Read good books about parenting and moral development. You will see a better mom in you.

Hail the woman power for bearing us!