A Day with A New Born: The Joyous Schedule Of Spending A Day With A Baby

Babies are the new bundle of joy that pump your heart with extreme pleasure and happiness. They give you enough solace just by looking at them. Have you seen a sleeping baby? Doesn’t it look extremely peaceful? It is taken that you have already imagined of the same, and might be having a slight smile on your face by now. Yes, that is what a baby does – Spreads smiles!

But to know how to treat your baby at accurate timings is the best way to take care of it, especially when it is a new born! So, here it goes. Here is the similar time schedule of a new born in a day. But, before you further read the post, you must remember one thing. You must take a nap when the baby is in deep slumber. Or else, it will be difficult for you to sleep the entire day.


Morning to noon: usually, babies tend to sleep till late morning. But, on the contrary there are few babies who wake up at 4o’clock in the morning, but then again sleep till late morning once fed. In this scenario, when the baby wakes up, you must give it an oil massage so that it can stretch the limbs. The oil massage also helps it to feel the muscles of its tiny body.

And, then you are ready to head on to the quite difficult path, taking the baby for a shower. The new born might cry once when placed into the tub or even hears the gurgling of the tap water, but you have to calm her down and then slowly bathe her. Once, this is done, keep it dry and make it wear clothes that would be nothing short of doing “Awww”!

12.30 pm: After all the actions of the baby that would be like “I am going to eat my fist” or “I need food and until you give me I will keep my mouth open”, you finally manage to feed her. But, you must not forget to use a bib, in case you do not want to spoil the new clothes you made it wear.

1pm:  the baby is fed, but ooops!! She just peed. Time to change her clothes again. Just when you turn after changing her, you might find that it has pooped as well. Well, this may continue for as long as 15 minutes. Now, you have to change her set again.

And that is the fourth outfit till now.

4pm: the baby might be asleep till now in your chest. If you manage to rest her down slowly on the bed with soft cushions then the baby might sleep for an hour more.

5pm: it is time to wake up the kid because it is not good to keep your baby hungry for a long time. You should breast feed her next and then again the same way of excretion takes place and you again change her cloth twice. You must have pretty good numbers of clothes in stock for your angel.

6-7pm: play with your baby for a while. Allow it to swap and turn for a zillion times or just watch it look at you and many other things with a twinkle in its eyes.

8pm: once the baby is fed for the night, it is time for a goodnight’s sleep. Make her pee in the nappy pad, and change it again before she sleeps.

The baby is swaddled in a beautiful piece of cloth. But, did you notice in the whole day how many times you need to change the cloth for the baby? It is the eighth time you have changed, so what? If you have an enormous collection of cute little pieces of cloth then how does it even matter! But, from where will you get such a huge stock? And, most importantly, how will you manage the time to go out amidst the entire day keeping the baby at home to buy clothes for her?


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Therefore, with much ado, go for shopping online for your new born and adorn it with beautifully knitted bibs, tops and upper garments and just go “Awwing” whenever you see your baby.